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Serengeti National Park

We don't say this lightly: the Serengeti is always full of surprises, no matter the time of year.

The centerpiece of most travelers’ planning is, with good reason, to experience the Great Migration. However, we do invite you to look beyond 'just' the Great Migration and also discover other wonders of the Serengeti

Serengeti is not just home to the Great Migration and the Big Five but hosts a myriad of incredible wildlife species.

We encourage everyone visiting Serengeti National Park to look beyond the Big Five only. The Serengeti offers so much in terms of animal variety that is it sometimes hard to comprehend how diverse this area really is. Below we have outlined some of the highlights.

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Serengeti Wildlife

The Serengeti is unique because it is a transition area. There is a distinct changeover from the rich flat soils in the southern plains to the -much poorer- hilly soils in the north. Because of a rainfall gradient, the south receives much less rain than other locations. The Serengeti is also home to pockets of leftover riverine forests, the result of the landscape once being covered by dense lowland forests. Combined, this results in a diversity of different vegetation types and habitats across Serengeti National Park. It is precisely this diversity (and their dynamics) that supports the many different species we see today.

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